A note from NYSSCA
The New York State Stock Car Association would like to issue an apology to the media outlets that cover our sport. The comments made in the president's speech at our annual banquet were his, and his alone. They did not, and do not, reflect the feelings of the remainder of the officers and board members of the organization.

NYSSCA would like to thank you for your continued support of the association and look forward to future endeavors together.

On a separate note, due to personal conflicts, Tom Coughlin has stepped down as president of our organization. Tom was a valuable asset to the organization, and did many positive things for us during his time as a board member and then president. We wish him nothing but health and happiness in his future, and hope that he will continue to be an active member and advocate for the association.

President's Resignation
At this evening's meeting, NYSSCA president Tom Coughlin handed in a letter of resignation. The letter was accepted by the officers and board. Vice-President Dan Wood will step in to fulfill the responsibilities of president until our next election.

April Meeting
Tuesday, April 10th, 7pm at Boulevard Bowl on Erie Blvd. in Schenectady.